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About Me

Fascinated by the power of the past to shape the present and future, I write historical fiction set in and around WWII. I write about haunting relationships, guilty secrets and dilemmas, choices and consequences, and my characters fight with their beliefs, fears, and dreams against the backdrop of significant historical events and the challenges they poise. Here's a relevant exerpt from my Literary Titan interview: What draws you to the WWII time period and makes it so appealing for you to write your collection in this period? Ever since I was a teenager and began reading classic literature, I have been captivated by stories that take place in a set of war. From "War and Peace" to "For whom the bell tolls", and from "Gone with the Wind" to "All Quiet on the western front", I saw how conflict impacted people's otherwise typical lives and their rather common desires for love, happiness, acceptance or power. WWII is the period of such massive conflict closest to my generation, so it is something I can relate to, and there are many historical sources from which to gather information, but there are also quite a few oversimplified and clichéd interpretations for why this war happened and what was 'good' and 'evil' about it. For a writer like me, it is literally like a jar of honey. Anything from alternate history to romance, military action, espionage, resistance, even fantasy and science fiction, can be written about WWII. It's a huge chapter in history. If you want to know more about me and my work, you are welcome to sign up to my Newsletter or join me on social media.

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